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Dietary supplements are used by about 80% of Americans

To boost their health, people take multivitamins, prenatal vitamins, Vitamin D, B-complex vitamins, fish oil, and a variety of other supplements. Protein, green tea, pre-workouts, branch chain amino acids, energy drinks, and other supplements are commonly used to boost energy, improve recovery, lose weight, and build muscle.

It’s no secret that vitamins can help you reach your health, fitness, and weight-loss objectives faster.

Did you know those supplement makers are not required to prove their supplements are safe or effective because they are not subject to the same stringent standards as pharmaceutical drugs?

A significant percentage of mass-market nutritional supplements are mislabeled, under-formulated, or include pollutants or illegal substances.

And if you’re one of the 80 percent of Americans who take supplements, you could be squandering your money on ineffective or dangerous pills.

So, how can you tell if a dietary supplement is both safe and effective?

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Supplements That Really Work

dotFIT’s team of Licensed Dietitians and Nutrition Scientists match ingredients, their forms, and dosages, as well as dosing recommendations, to what has been demonstrated to work in clinical third-party research.

You may rest assured that their goods are reliable and effective.

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Nutritional Supplements and Products That Are Safe and Effective

Clinical testing have proven that each ingredient in dotFIT’s products are safe.

They create these products to work in tandem with your diet, ensuring that you don’t go overboard on nutrients or have any negative side effects.

Following their dose directions ensures a safe and optimal nutrient consumption.

They collaborate with practitioners and fitness specialists, and their suggestions are based on medical exams.

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Superior Nutrient Delivery Where It’s Most Needed by Your Body

dotFIT’s experts have determined the best moment to release components that your body needs, so that the right nutrient is delivered to the right area at the right time.

Each active component is in the form that has been proven most effective through advanced clinical studies.

Whether tablets, capsules, or powders are used depends on the delivery target.

Supplement Labels That Tell the Whole Story

dotFIT doesn’t hide behind secret proprietary blends, and they don’t do their own product research.

All of their practitioners have access to peer-reviewed practitioner dietary supplement reference guides, which cover the third-party research used for the constituents in all dotFIT products.

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Ingredients that are Pure and Potent

Because their products are manufactured in NSF Certified facilities that are audited on a regular basis and follow stringent GMP’s, you can rest assured that they are free of toxins and impurities.

From the raw material to the finished product, all ingredients are evaluated. All of their goods have been third-party tested, and the majority of them are NSF Certified For Sport, which is the highest standard for safety.

With their money-back guarantee, you can try out the dotFIT Difference for yourself.

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Achive your goals at an accelorated rate

Scientific evidence has found that dietary supplements can help people overcome vitamin and mineral deficiency, improve their quality of life, reach their exercise objectives more quickly and healthily, boost performance, and much more.

Millions of Americans use dietary supplements as part of their healthy lifestyle due to the appeal of increased health, weight loss, fitness, and performance.

But why do some people experience success with dietary supplements while others do not?

One of the reasons dotFIT exists is to provide a solution to this question.

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Why dotFIT was created

dotFIT CEO Neal Spruce, a former professional bodybuilder, has always understood the importance of nutritional supplements in achieving health, fitness, and performance goals.

For decades, Neal has been on a mission to help individuals better their lives and reach their fitness objectives through exercise and correct nutrition, which includes the use of nutritional supplements.

However, he had difficulty early on in his career.

He couldn’t locate a dietary supplement company that consistently produced safe, high-quality, and scientifically sound items, like many other Americans.

Exaggerated claims, scams, unjust price gauging, and marketing hype abound in the supplement sector.

Unfortunately, it is still the case today.

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Dietary Supplement Protection against Low-Quality and Ineffective Supplements

Every year, millions of Americans buy ineffective or hazardous supplements from a mass-market supplement firm without realizing it.

Many supplement businesses’ exaggerated claims, gimmicky techniques, unjust price gauging, improper dosages, and marketing hoopla can result in ineffective supplements with potentially dangerous side effects.

The following are the most prevalent mass-market offenses:

1. Low-quality products

The Food and Drug Administration investigated 598 supplement manufacturing plants in 2019, with more than half receiving violations

2. Inaccuracies between labels and product ingredients

The FDA has a database of 965+ “secret components,” which include steroids, prescription pharmaceuticals, and illegal drugs.

3. Window dressing & nutrient filling

Many firms base their dietary supplement formulation selections on marketing hype rather than scientific research. Adding a component simply for the sake of market excitement can result in ineffective and potentially harmful products.

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Many companies claim that their goods are safe, effective, and free of contaminants or illegal chemicals… but dotFIT proves it!

Nutrition and supplementation are approached in a multi-pronged, holistic manner.

What you may expect from dotFIT is as follows:
dotFIT customers receive personalized menus designed by Registered Dietitians as part of our personalized fitness programs and educational tools.

For new and existing product formulations, dotFIT evaluates the research and uses science as a guide.

All of dotFIT’s products are thoroughly tested for safety and purity by a third party.

Their software creates custom nutrition and supplement recommendations for you and filters out any products you should avoid.

Fitness professionals and personal trainers can add nutrition to their scope of practice with dotFIT’s NASM/AFAA approved dotFIT Certification Course and dotFIT nutrition program.

dotFIT’s performance and health products are NSF Certified For Sport and tested for banned ingredients.

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dotFIT is trusted by Professional Athletes everywhere

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