Challenges are one of our favorite activities! Group Fitness Challenges are part of who we are here at Kitefit.

If you have goals for yourself and you’re looking to push yourself to the next level, a weight loss challenge or a muscle gainer challenge is a great way to push to that next plateau.

Our perspective is that if you’re a competitive person, you can go for the win, but if you’re just looking to meet your next goal, these challenges are the perfect way to push ahead in a shorter amount of time than you may be able to accomplish the task in your everyday gym attendance. Over the years we’ve had many great competitors and we are always surprised at the great responses and feedback from the competitors who entered at the beginning of the challenge even if they didn’t win or even place in the top tiers.

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Fitness challenges

When entering a fitness challenge for weight loss or for muscle gainer, you can be sure that we at Kitefit are here to support you and your specific goals and to help you manage the expectations for yourself so that your success will suit you and the proper outlook on your weight, nutrition, and overall health for long term success.

An appreciation of who you are and understanding what is safe and what is nutritionally acceptable for your body type. We are here to support you and the personal goals that Kitefit will partner with you to accomplish with enthusiasm and encouragement. We can’t wait to help you along and be a part of your unique journey!

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Flexible dieting Meal planning

We specialize in creating flexible diet meal planning and flexible dieting specifically for safe and nutrition-minded challenges.

Once you join one of the fitness challenges we’ll make sure you’re lined out with a proper meal plan that will fulfill all your requirements of calories and nutrition that is needed to make your experience the best it can possibly be and give you the best chance for success for your personal goals.

We offer a lined out an expert system of meal planning and calorie counting that won’t leave you feeling hungry or like you’re starving yourself, and we can also arrange to have pre-made meals delivered to you if that’s going to be an option that you feel would best suit your needs.

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Challenge Winners and top finishers

We wanted to recognize the individuals below even if they didn’t win but just placed in the top levels of the challenge they entered. All of our members are special and we lift them all up and encourage them throughout their membership here at Kitefit, but below you can read a little bit about the ones who have pushed to go above and beyond to reach their goals by way of the challenger offered through our program design challenges for muscle gain or weight loss.

Weight loss challenge and Muscle Gainer challenge in Post Falls


Marti had a loss of 15.2 pounds in 6 weeks. This young lady went to battle. Marti took this challenge by the horns and overcame the obstacles in her way. She made no excuses and stuck to the plan and persevered where others may have stumbled.

Marti you are a true and wonderful spirit. Thank you for your efforts and for leading the way for others to follow! Fitness Challenge entree Marti, you are so inspirational. Marti has a very rare disorder.

Trigeminal neuralgia (TN or TGN) is a long-term pain disorder that affects the trigeminal nerve, the nerve responsible for sensation in the face, and motor functions such as biting and chewing. It is a form of neuropathic pain.

This rare disorder has been referred to as a suicide disease because of the depression and pain people experience.
Well, Marti is not ready in any way shape, or form to give up. So as we say around Kitefit, “we have to find a way to work through the various issues we all have and find a way because there is one.”

Marti has literally found a way through her diet. Marti doesn’t eat a certain way to lose weight but to keep the pain at a minimum. Now of course her diet, like anyone else is the key to her changing her body composition. She works very hard at it and she knows she has our support 100%. Marti never looks at the scale when she weighs in or her final weigh-in. She is purely in it to take care of herself, and ease her pain.

Marti, you are the pinnacle of determination to conquer your personal situation. Thank you for sharing your story with us. What you deal with day in and out continues to inspire the rest of us to put aside what we think we can’t do and find a way even when things are most difficult, because there is one! We at Kitefit give a huge SALUTE to you Marti. Keep it up, never give up!

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Scott started this challenge just seven short weeks out of shoulder surgery. His goal was to get his shoulder back into working order so he can get back to what he loves, Spartan Racing

He came in with a five-pound weight limit but by the end was doing full range of motion push-ups like an absolute boss!

Scott works crazy long hours but never makes any excuses about getting his shoulder rehabbed. Scott, you have definitely hit your goal and Kitefit is super stoked to help you through the process. Not all goals at Kitefit are about weight loss or weight gain! It’s all about you! We salute you Scott for a great eight-week stretch of amazing workouts, dedication, heart, and follow-through. Here’s to spring Spartan races! 

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Angela took placed in the top tier for the ladies group with a loss of 34 pounds in just six weeks. Angela comes in every day at 9AM. Her friends are all here with her and she has a great time while working out. Angela is an inspiration to many and Kitefit would like to say “you’re a testament to what can be done in a short amount of time when you put your mind to it!” Here’s to you Angela! Congratulations and keep up the great work!

Fitness challenge winner Angela Setty won the workout challenge in Post Falls Idaho


Kitefit would like to highlight Ben Avdeyev. Ben shows up every day ready to go, ready to learn, and ready to have a little fun with his friends and family. Ben has two siblings and his brother-in-law that workout alongside him.

Ben’s attitude is always delightful and happy. Ben has been to every scheduled 6AM group class workout since he started. He drives every morning from Spokane to meet up with his sister snd brother then continues making his way to Kitefit. His results are showing and he’s excited about how he starts his day. We are thankful to be a part of your journey and would just like to say thank you for your dedication and for spending your mornings with us Ben!

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We would like to recognize Dora Smith for her relentless persistence to keep her fitness a priority in her everyday life. 
Dora is a mother of six. She gets up early and hits the gym at 6AM where she always does more than what is asked of her. If there’s a break she’s looking for something else to do, usually a quick sprint lap around the building. After her workouts, it’s off to get the kids off to school and into the rest of her daily routine. Later that afternoon it’s making sure they all get to their after-school sports and activities.

This lady grinds with no excuses. She makes it happen! 
Dora we salute you! You choose to do what others won’t and therefore you will have what others can’t!
Dora absolutely made the most of this challenge.

She’s a warrior in life. Her determination to reach her fitness goals has been awesome to watch. She shows up at every morning and sometimes in the evening too! Dora’s body composition, endurance, and strength have surpassed what most could ever do in 8 weeks. Dora, you inspire other parents and the other people around you every day. Kitefit is thrilled to see your playful, fun-loving attitude every day! Kitefit salutes you Dora! Keep it up! Congratulations!

Fitness challaenge at Kitefit near me Post Falls Idaho  five minutes from Liberty Lake gainer challenge and weight-loss challenge


Phil comes in at 6AM every morning and he shows up regardless of how he feels. He’s always having a good time heckling all his friends and family having a good time. That’s what Kitefit is all about, getting to work out with your friends and making new ones.

Phil, you are a joy to have in session and we look forward to seeing you continue to grow in your fitness. Thank you for being you. Here’s to Phil from Kitefit! Congratulations! 

Fitness Challenge winner in Post Falls Idaho for circuit training personal training group fitness classes and flexible dieting challenge


What an emotional roller coaster for all the gainers. Gaining muscle is just as hard as losing weight. Many think that it’s a free-for-all with your diet as a weight gain competitor but as Roxanne and her gainer friends found out it’s just not quite that easy. Lots of ups and downs week in and week out for eight weeks straight. Roxy did her best as all the gainers did but Roxy pulled it out for one of the top tiers!

Roxy, watching you grow here at Kitefit has been absolutely amazing. You’re growing in not just muscle but in understanding your body so much better. 
We salute you Roxy for all your hard work and look forward to seeing what you’ll accomplish next! Congratulations!

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Kitefit would like to introduce Michael. He entered the challenge and lost 16.2 pounds in six weeks. Michaell put in an amazing effort. Michael is a no-nonsense kind of guy when it comes to his workouts. As a carpenter who works outside all day and then comes to work out at 7PM in the evening, and he definitely never makes any excuses whatsoever. He always puts his best efforts in and it pays off continuously. He placed high in the rankings both times he’s entered a challenge.

Michael works out purely to take care of himself. He doesn’t let completion mess with his head. He does what he knows he’s supposed to do to get the results he’s looking for. It has never mattered to Mike where he ended up on the charts but rather where he ends up personally. That is the absolute perfect approach to these challenges. It’s all about the individual’s goals. Michael, Kitefit salutes you for your gritty work ethic. Your kind and humorous character is always a pleasure to have in session. You are a Kitefit leader Mike! Thank you for letting Kitefit be a part of your journey. Congratulations!

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Brittany, what is there to say about pure, solid, hard-working, and dedicated challenge execution like yours. Brittany worked through a new type of diet for her in this challenge. She truly tried to incorporate her other half (boyfriend) while going through this. She ate like he eats as to make it work for them both at home. This can be quite complicated to cook for two or more and be on different kinds of diets! So the amazing human she is she compromised a bit on her diet and she still rocked it. 

Brittany you have so many fine qualities about you that we could all learn from. Thank you for being you. Thank you for letting Kitefit be a part of what you are doing! We salute you! Congratulations!

Challenge winner at Kitefit in Post Falls Idaho for group fitness classes and personal training and circuit training and core body weight work out


TJ is a father of 5, a husband, and a 16 year veteran in the Fire-department.

These challenges are the type of thing TJ enjoys when it comes to the gym. He shows up and always puts down 100 % effort no matter how many lives he may have saved in the last 24 hours. TJ is a man of faith in Christ and he always brings a cheerful attitude.

He is also a retired ten-year veteran and personal trainer and his knowledge is in abundance. He loves helping others and it always shows.

TJ you are a pure-hearted and honorable man and we salute you at Kitefit and we honor you for being an outstanding and exceptional human being. Thank you for being you! 

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Kitefit would like to introduce another one of our great members finding her way to the winner’s tier for the ladies. Hannah lost 12.4 pounds over six weeks and kept working and pushing through even when things became difficult.

She started out a bit shy and nervous but quickly started feeling relaxed and her confidence in what she was doing grew quickly as well. Hannah and her husband Jason both participated in this challenge. Hannah did exactly what she needed to do to be successful in this first challenge and is very excited to see what the future holds for her and her husband as they continue on in their journey of health and fitness.

Kitefit salutes you Hannah Bell for your efforts to better yourself for you and your family. Congratulations!

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Jason placed in the top tier for this challenge and we’re so proud of his work ethic and to see him and his wife Hannah both strive to better their health and nutrition together through this challenge. Jason lost 30 pounds in six short weeks. Jason and his wife Hannah worked together to keep each other accountable. What an amazing team! Both of them placed in the top three.

Jason worked so hard to improve himself for himself and his family. Jason followed the plan to the best of his ability and persevered. Jason is also a Marine and we at Kitefit would like to say thank you for your service to this Country and to yourself. Kitefit honors you, Jason. You are a true reflection of what hard work and focus can do in a short amount of time, and we are honored to have you as a part of our membership family. Kitefit salutes you and your efforts! Congratulations!

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Kitefit would like to honor Christine Goodwater for her excellence at taking care of herself and thriving while she does it! 
Christine has type two diabetes and has been working at lowering her A1C.

Over the last two years, she has lowered this number from 10.6 to 6.8. Well WOW!!!!! Great work Christine!

If you’re a diabetic you know how absolutely life-saving and life-changing this is for Christine. She went from 6-8 insulin injections a day to literally 0!

She’s lost over twenty pounds, and has added an impressive amount of strength!

She says that what she has learned over the last couple of years has been life-changing and looks to the future with excitement and new opportunities. She credits all of her success to her diet and exercise. You did the work and you got the reward! 
We at Kitefit salute you Christine! Congratulations on your wins!

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Tyrell you blew your goal out of the water!

Fitness challenges at Kitefit are fun and goal oriented but you don’t have to have any experience with them to be successful, and Tyrell is a great example of that.

After being invited to Kitefit by a neighbor, he decided to join.

When he first came to Kitefit he seemed nervous but willing. Tyrell asked about the challenge with curiosity wondering if this were something for him. We told him it’s for anyone with fitness goals. He was undecided about going for weight loss or trying the gainer. After he told us what he wanted the decision was easy, weight loss geared towards his abdominal region. 

After eight weeks Tyrell found his abs and found himself in the top teir for men in his first challenge. Tyrell, your efforts were noticed and you did amazing!

We salute you at Kitefit and we look forward to what you shoot for next! Congratulations!

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Max and Yana

Kitefit would like to recognize the challenge entrees and Max and Yana for their dedication to themselves and to their families.

They have not only challenged themselves to get to the gym daily but have brought other friends and family as well. They drive together from Spokane every day. 

They have committed to working on their diets to support their goals. Max and Yana are leaders in their sessions every day and bring positivity and support to other members. Thank you both for being who you are. We could not be happier with you as members but more importantly for you, your commitment to yourselves. Great work and keep it up! The effort you put in will always pay additional priceless dividends that last a lifetime. We salute you both!

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Kitefit would like to introduce Michael! Michael has been a part of several challenges and always places high in the ranks for the men’s group with a loss of 23.8 pounds in six weeks.

Michael wakes up at 3AM to get to the gym by 4AM. Dedication is an understatement for Mike. He hits his workouts so hard and then continues on into his day to be at work shortly after he finishes up at Kitefit.

Michael never gives any excuses or slows down for anything. Michael, keep it up, you’re going places! We salute you, and congratulations!

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