Kitefit and group fitness Origins – Founder Kite Richardson

As a young man, I was a sports guy. I never had issues with my weight because I was always doing something. Well, as many adults realize, once you get away from school sports and get out into the real world there is much more focus on jobs, relationships, and children. This seemed to be all there was time for. I told myself I had to take care of my family and I put myself on the back burner which led to a lot of weight gain. This went on for several years and I continued to gain weight and my body was starting to hurt more and more each day. As a builder/framer I was already putting my body through a fair amount of strain and told myself that working out was going to make things worse. I was about 36 when I finally decided enough was enough. No more excuses, no more putting myself on the back burner. It was time to put my best foot forward.

I started out at 235 pounds with a monster beer belly. I went out in my garage every morning at about 4:30 am before work. I tried to start P90X and found some success but I didn’t always listen to what I was being told and ended up hurting myself doing exactly what I was told not to do. Now my lower back was completely out. With no one to help me get back on track, I waited almost 3 months before I could try again and gained back the 37 pounds I had lost. This was a devastating feeling to have done so well to only go back to the starting line.

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Let the journey begin

A good friend of mine introduced me to a group fitness gym that he had found success with and I started going there. As time went on I found myself really liking all the other people working out with me, which just made it a lot of fun. The trainers were fun and the people were fun. The environment was amazing. As time went on I got stronger and lighter. The scale was moving in the right direction and I was learning fast!

Shortly after finding so much success, I found myself in a conversation about trying to lead a class. I got along with everyone well and people seemed to like to listen to what I had to say. This was a strange time in my life as I was doing quite well with my construction job. I loved group training and I really wanted to make a huge change in my life. I would have to take a 2/3 pay cut to start working as a trainer. I went for it and things started working out very well. I had a huge following with the members, and I was so happy to see them every day. This was a time in my life when I realized that fitness could change my life in more ways than one. As I coached people through several weight loss challenges, I decided to try and put my methods to the test to see just how well I could do in my own challenge. I entered into a summer challenge in 2014.

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Finding the right path

Over a 10-week period, I lost 32 pounds and went from 23% body fat to 8.8%.  to say the least I worked my tail off literally and I ate perfectly every day for those 10 weeks. This is later what I would call a crash diet. I figured this because I hated the way I felt at the end of it all. I knew this was not the way I wanted to help people because what I had done was not realistic to 99.9% of people. It was not realistic to my lifestyle, simply put, I could never sustain that kind of eating or that workout schedule. This type of dieting seemed to be what was being pushed and I decided to take a different path, a path that would eventually help me become the man and trainer I am today. 

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Next stop, personal training! I started working for another gym where I would be working 1 on 1 with members. This type of training really helped me to individualize workouts and nutrition programs. I was learning at an accelerated rate and once again found a ton of success winning several challenges with my clients from weight loss to muscle gain. Over 6 years I studied and worked hard to keep learning as much as I could. I was in the perfect storm, surrounded by extremely educated top-notch trainers who would ultimately be dumbfounded by my success without all the schooling. Do not get me wrong, I had to take several courses to be certified and to learn more about nutrition and the necessity of supplements, but I seemed to have something different than the rest. The difference was that I did not just read about weight loss and exercise, but I was living what all my clients wanted. No one could look at me a say I did not know how they felt. This one difference helped me encourage the people I worked with more than anything. Not to mention I was 39 years old, and I fully understood the aging body and how that feels. Also, I was married with two boys, and believe me, things like this have a huge effect on people when they are trying to make a change. My ability to understand exactly how people were feeling was priceless. To this day I am a walking talking representation of what I’ve learned from fitness and everyday adult life.  

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A new birth

Let’s jump forward to the year 2020. As you all know this year was a tough year and had us all off our game. With the future uncertain I started thinking about going out on my own. This was a scary huge step and one that I had never thought would happen. I created a business plan and decided that I really missed the group training that helped me fall in love with this direction of my life. One thing led to another and all the pieces started falling in place right at the beginning of 2021. And so, Kitefit was born.

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Expertise in fitness and training

My experiences go far deeper than what I am able to explain eloquently, but I have seen a lot, and my experiences are unique, but not singular, and I know I’m not alone. There is no cookie-cutter approach, and all people have different needs and goals. After 6 years of individualizing workouts to fit each of my client’s needs, it has become second nature to me to shape and mold the workouts when working with clients. I can be in a group atmosphere and still tailor workouts to everyone’s personal needs. You don’t have to be perfectly in shape to start, and I am able to help my clients with old injuries and even new ones as long as they are ready for exercise. This is important to your health and safety and I take that extremely seriously. 

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On my word

What I can promise you is that if you are new to fitness or have been working at it for some time, I can help you not only accelerate the process but do it in a safe, healthy, and effective manner. No matter what your fitness goals are, Kitefit is the team to help you reach your full potential for success in fitness, health, and create manageable habits that will serve you for a lifetime. All you need to do is walk in our front door!

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All experience levels are welcome!

No matter what your body type is, or where you are physically, Kitefit is the group fitness and alternative training gym that will meet you there. We strive to accommodate your workout to give you what best suits your physical level without pushing you beyond your means. We all have a starting point and wherever that is you will find a  welcoming environment with people that truly want to see you achieve your personal fitness goals.

Kitefit is about having fun during workouts and being able to do them right alongside your friends, as well as making new ones at the same time! 

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Stop in and say hello

As a 9 year veteran in fitness and training, I have found success with myself and with the clients I’ve worked with over the years to find the most advanced and practical routes to health, fitness, and weight loss all while avoiding turning anyone’s lives upside down. 

I am a certified NCCPT (National Council of Certified Personal Trainers) as well as an ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) cardholder and Certified Weight Management Specialist.

My story has encouraged many people to begin striving towards their fitness goals and to take better care of themselves. I have found fitness to be one of the most fulfilling adventures of my life and the great clients who have worked with me over the years are able to say the same with enthusiasm and confidence.

We’re absolutely confident that you will love it here! Call us at (208) 981-0099 or come by whenever you’re in the area or passing by. We’re right off the Freeway and five minutes from Liberty Lake! Click here for our class times!