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At KITEFIT, you’ll find an environment that’s fun, yet challenging, and inspired to bring out the best in all of us.
Wherever you are in your fitness journey, we’ll meet you there.


Interior of Kitefit Gym in Post Falls Idaho five minutes from Liberty Lake Idaho
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KITEFIT is a local and homegrown group fitness gym in Post Falls, Idaho. We are your #1 local gym for group fitness, Challenges, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), Alternative Personal Training, circuit training, supplements, cycling, group challenges, TRX, resistance bands, and meal planning guidance for weight loss, muscle gain, or whatever your fitness goals may be.

Group fit workout gym Post Falls Kettle Balls and cardio group fitness workout class
Personal training sessions and 8 classes per day for training and fitness gym work outs
Gyms in Post Falls for group fitness circuit training HIIT training P90X Crossfit and full body work out

Our reputation proceeds itself

We’re here for your success story and we won’t push you into a system of training that could lead to injury or leave you feeling like you’re not getting anywhere. At Kitefit you’re our number one priority and your success, your personal goals and most of all your safety are the priorities we’re concerned with most.

We only use NSF Certified for Sport supplements like dotFit to help you fill nutrition gaps and achieve optimal recovery from your workouts. dotFit is vetted by professionals and 3rd party tested, and dotFit products are studied by medical professionals to ensure you get the best for your body’s needs. Check out the great line of dotFit products that we offer through our discounted affiliate link below.

Click here if you’d like to find out more about the great products that we support.

Personalized goal setting and achievements are our specialties

We’re excited to get to know you and find out what your ideal long-term weight loss or muscle-gain achievement goals and hopes are. If your goal seems unachievable, we know how to insight determination you didn’t even know that you had and get you where you want to go but didn’t believe was possible. How do we know that it’s possible? Just ask our members, we’ve partnered with them in their success before and we know it will work for you too if you apply yourself!

We don’t have a giant room full of big commercial-style equipment to intimidate our clients and get little to no results from their hard work. Our space is comfortable and intimate, and truly gives you more of a personal touch and community feel than a big fitness chain.

Fitness group workout

Our alternative to personal training

Our little Post Falls gym recognizes that each individual needs training specifically designed to their needs, yet we won’t charge you per session, and we won’t sick our trainers on you. We set you up in group training, then challenge you as needed or desired. We have one affordable monthly fee instead of charging you per session or class.

Personal training and alternative personal training sessions in Post Falls at Kitefit group fitness gym near me


Our challenges are set up to bring you encouragement and to help you accomplish your goals whatever they may be. We believe in bringing your best self to the forefront without breaking your body or the bank.

Weight loss challenge and Muscle Gainer challenge in Post Falls

Expert work out plans

We have the best and most thoughtful expert workout plans designed specifically for making your body strong and full of long-lasting strength and endurance all around from head to toe to last a lifetime and avoid injury.

Expert work out plan for group fitness at Kitefit gym in Post Falls Idaho

A unique perspective

Our unique perspective when it comes to full-body workout designs are created by our expert veteran trainer and owner Kite Richardson and are built day by day and changed up consistently to meet the needs of the people in each class. Classes may be changed throughout the day depending upon the people that are signed up, and we have specific plans built for young, middle, and advanced-aged individuals no matter what their weight or body type.

Post Falls fitness gym full body work out session at Kitefit in Post Falls Idaho near me

We’re proud of our Post Falls gym

We are proud to provide the sources needed to work with you to meet your goals based on your body type and your schedule. There’s no age, gender, or body type that we can’t work with to help meet your goals and get you to your ideal weight or muscle mass.

Throughout the years, we have made sure we have the best trainer and programs to address all of the issues that seem to virally pursue our competitors to provide a comfortably intense yet blissful experience for our member family.

CDA HIIT class in Post Falls Idaho for group fitness and alternative personal training and circuit training and cit P90X style training
Group Cycling and HIIT gym session at Kite Fit in Post Falls Idaho

A rich history

From the first time we opened our doors to the public, we’ve made sure to offer a no-nonsense no commitment open scheduling with forty-five or fifty minute classes on the hour, with 11 different options to get your workout in any time throughout the day. If you miss a session, you can show up to any one of the other sessions throughout the day with no questions asked.

We have a mid-day break to deep clean the facility and we pride ourselves on the cleanliness and organization of our gym and equipment.

We have more sessions available than any other gym in Washington or Idaho because we are dedicated to creating a safe and healthy environment for your training or workout that will keep you engaged and excited about coming to the gym, yet still, get the best workout experience you’ve ever had.

Kite at a group work out class session core work out twelve sessions per day

Finding joy in the passion of the fitness craft

We bring the fire with our expert trainers and expertly designed session workouts, but if there was ever any single reason to come and join our fitness gym and our great members, it would be the absolute joy found in the community that has been created.

It is truly a beautiful thing to witness when you see such like-minded individuals coming together to unite in the goals and dreams of each and every member of this gym in our great community of friends and colleagues that we work within the Post Falls, Liberty Lake, Coeur d’Alene, Rathdrum, and Spokane Valley areas.

Fitness classes group training and alternative personal training with body weight and dumbell workouts Fitness classes in Post Falls Idaho for group fitness training and personalized goal setting HIIT expert and body weight training and bootcamp full body workouts near me
Fitness classes and group personal training bootcamp session in Post Falls Idaho at Kitefit

A fresh outlook

If you’re tired of the same big-name, corporate, cookie-cutter gyms and their cold and unfriendly atmosphere and you want to support a local business owner and an independent gym, we are the place for you. Call now and we’ll walk you through our process and what options we can offer you.

Interior of Kitefit Gym in Post Falls Idaho five minutes from Liberty Lake Idaho

Location isn’t everything… but almost

We are located in Post Falls, Idaho. If you live in Liberty Lake, Coeur d’Alene, or even Spokane Valley, or anywhere in between or the surrounding great beyond, we know you’ll be beyond stoked to find a group fitness home here with us.

We are conveniently located right off of the I-90, only five minutes from Liberty Lake, fifteen minutes from Spokane Valley, and ten minutes from Coeur d’Alene.

Personal group training fitness and cardio session taking place in Post Falls Idaho at Kitefit

Twelve classes per day

Our first class starts at 4:00AM, if you want to work out before work, and our last class is at 6:00PM if you like to work out later in the evening.

Personal training fitness and cardio in Post Falls at Kitefit

Try it out for FREE!

If this sounds like the right fit for you give us a call and come see us, your first class is FREE! That’s right, you heard right, the first class is actually free and we’re not even kidding about it.

Alternative personal training group fitness alternative personal training and fitness classes

Once you try us out we are absolutely certain that you will love our dedication, focus, and care for each and every one of our great clients. Our knowledge, experience, and expertise are unique in our industry and we’ll be sure to help you find the right fit for your journey to success. Once you finish your first free class, we are confident you will soon become part of our wonderful group fitness family.